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Southwest Printer Repair and all of its printer repair technicians have been repairing printers in the valley since 1989. All of our printer repair technicians have over twenty years experience in printer repair. All printer repair technicians that we send to your site for printer repair, actually work for Southwest Printer Repair. We do not sub out printer repair service calls to other companies. Subbing out costs the customer an average of thirty dollars more per call. And we certainly do not charge for travel. After all, we are an on-site service.

There is no need to pre-pay your printer repair service call in order to get a competitive price. We have been servicing printers in the valley since 1989. We make our money on the volume of printers that we repair. Shop around and see. Then call us. And we WILL take care of your printer. At a fair price. No gimmicks. No additional mark up on labor to pay some "printer repair directory".  Just printer repair. Printer repair, at a fair price.  Remember to bookmark our site for future printer repair visits. Check us out on twitter a https://twitter.com/SwPrinterRepair


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Call us for printer repair at 480-775-6128
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Southwest Printer Repair, and Tempe Printer Repair are registered tradenames of Arizona Printer Repair, a printer repair company.